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More than Just a Guy

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Photography for a Social enterprise

Lawrence from Just Another Guy

Lawrence approached me to photograph images for his social enterprise website. As a teenager he found himself with the wrong crowd but sorted himself as an adult, being a teacher and running a successful web development company. His health took a turn when he was diagnosed with epilepsy and he took to blogging about his experience to share with others. Over time, he wanted work with disengaged young people, by showing how his experience could be used to develop resilience.

Lawrence and I worked together to pinpoint what made his enterprise unique and what he wanted to achieve with his brand. Based on these clarity conversations, we worked together to create moodboard of images that would inform the planning of the shoot.

Even though we only had a few hours, I wanted to create images that looked like they were taken at different dates and places. I asked him to bring different outfits and a created a list of different scenarios for the shoot.

We photographed Lawrence at the school where he once a student and a teacher, fitting for someone who wants to give back to the community..

Art Direction, Planning, Production & Photography

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